Ways to Drive Sustainable, Free Traffic to Your Website

Simply uploading a newly-designed website to your server doesn’t guarantee traffic from your target audience. The main purpose of creating a website is not only to get your immediate friends to view it, but also to reach a wider audience. But you won’t get much traffic without promoting the site. You need to tell Internet users that the site exists and what it offers. In this article, we’re going to discuss various sustainable ways, including SEO and other means, to generate organic traffic. Unlike paid marketing, these techniques continue to yield positive results long after you’ve implemented them.

Create an affiliate program:

If you sell products and/or services on your site, setting up an affiliate program will help to increase sales. This means your affiliates will be marketing your products/services simply to earn their own commissions. So, just set it up and let others promote your products!

Create a blog related to your business:

Creating a blog related to your niche has lots of benefits: it will help you to position yourself as an authority in your field by writing tutorials, providing information, expressing your personal views on crucial topics, as well as getting lots of relevant backlinks with targeted keywords as anchor texts. If your writings are interesting, many readers will regularly use your blog as a reference point. But before you start writing, perform a keyword research for your niche, and make sure you blend keywords that have high click-through rates with the entire content. I especially prefer to use Google Keyword Tool External for my researches. Some of the keywords should be used as anchor texts while linking back to your business website.

To create a blog that will give you valuable inbound links, host it on a different account than the server on which your business website resides. This is because search engines assign lesser value to backlinks that originate from the same IP as the one being linked to. You can even use free blog hosting sites like Blogger.com or WordPress.com.

Now, you’ve seen that having a blog opens a way for your business site to get targeted backlinks, as well as a stream of visitors who enjoy what you write and want to know more about you.

Embark on article submissions:

Another viable way to get keyword-rich backlinks and huge traffic is to write unique articles and submit to article marketing resources, such as Articlesbase and Ezinearticles. I only recommend submitting to quality article directories that have large user-base and those that allow links in their author’s resource boxes. As a rule, only submit articles related to your niche, so that your backlinks will be relevant and visitors who follow the link won’t be disappointed when they reach your site.

Write and publish press releases:

Publishing press releases has also proven to be a major way to generate enormous, targeted traffic, and also to amass relevant inbound links. Whenever you release a new product and/or service, publish and distribute a PR to help a wider audience to know about it. A single well-written and meaningful press release has the potential to drive thousands of targeted traffic.

Post viral videos at YouTube:

Many businesses, including your competitors, use online videos as a way of marketing their sites. And you might be missing out on a lucrative, free advertising model that helps others to drive traffic to their websites, if you’re not yet involved.

Submit links to web directories:

Human-edited web directories provide a way to get backlinks from pages that relate to our websites. Just weed out the link farms before you start submitting to select few web directories.