Putting The Term “Guaranteed Top SERP Ranking” Under The Microscope

I frequently come across SEO service providers who specifically offer “guaranteed top ranking on Google SERPs” to their clients. This sort of guarantee gets a thinking mind to wonder if it’s possible for a non-Google employee to reverse-engineer its search ranking algorithm, in order to bring a lowly-ranked web page to the top. The truth is while you can do some search engine optimization for a site, you can’t surely guarantee Google’s top ten ranking for a competitive keyword, because so many other webmasters in your niche are relentlessly optimizing their sites for the same targeted keyword. That’s assuming the keyword has a high search volume.

Reasons why non-Google employee without access to the search software cannot guarantee top 10 ranking on its SERPs:

  • The search ranking algorithm is fully automated.
  • SEO providers are outsiders and don’t have the means to reverse-engineer the ranking algorithm.
  • It’s apparent that your competitors (other webmasters and site owners in your niche) are also working to get their websites to the top. And the ones already at the top continue to optimize their sites to remain there.

Some SEO service providers I talked to said the reason why they call the service “guaranteed top 10 SERP ranking” is to attract clients. They complain that their clients generally don’t want to hear “I’ll try” – they literally want guarantees that their websites would be among the first 10 listings on Google search results for their chosen keywords. So, as you can see, clients are also a part of the problem.

But can we call this a form of deception? Well, it depends on how you look at it. An SEO specialist who has brought numerous websites to Google’s first page for competitive keywords can defend his/her use of the term. Still, things can go wrong – they might not turn out the way you want them to. And when that happens, the client can rightly say this is a deception. It’s even worse for an SEO amateur to use that term “guaranteed top 10 ranking on Google SERPs”, because there’s likelihood things won’t work out the way it’s anticipated.

The fact is that serious clients who understand how search engines work don’t demand SEO service providers to guarantee top ranking before hiring them. They go to those specialists who have built strong reputations in the field and have easily-verifiable number of websites they’ve ranked in the past.