PHP Language And ASP.NET Framework Compared

ASP.NET is a web programming framework developed by Microsoft to enable developers to create dynamic websites, web services and applications. On the other hand, Hypertext Preprocessor, popularly known as PHP, is a general-purpose scripting language created for web development to generate dynamic web pages. So, one can rightly say ASP.NET is a framework, while PHP is a scripting language.

Both ASP.NET and PHP are equally good at their levels, but it all depends on one’s needs and the type of desired web application. If you look at both objectively, there is evidently more crowd behind PHP, hence, more forum support, code samples and tutorials. But .NET has a company that is fully supporting and advancing it.

Here we will examine their strengths and weaknesses. I interviewed several seasoned programmers who have vast experience in both the framework and the scripting language, and here is what they said:

ASP.NET Strengths:

  • ASP.NET is faster than PHP.
  • It provides interoperability features, which enable programmers to write their codes in C++ and C platforms, and use them in ASP.Net platform.
  • Some developers argue that .NET is more secure than PHP. However, I would say it depends on the competence and knowledge of the developer(s) involved.
  • .NET has a better IDE and is more robust, in the sense that one can use it to build web services, desktop applications, web applications, etc.
  • The framework is excellent for developing enterprise applications, as it has a great IDE and Model View Controller (MVC) feature. Programmers who develop web applications that demand a huge amount of logic tend to prefer .NET over PHP.
  • ASP.NET enjoys the dedicated support of one of the most powerful companies in the world, Microsoft. Generally support tends to swing things for individuals who are trying to adopt a new technology.

.NET Weaknesses:

  • ASP.NET runs only on Windows platform, and licensing of Windows OS is costly.
  • It is costlier to use and maintain. Its hosting is more expensive than that of PHP, which can as well be hosted on less costly Unix-based systems.
  • Critics say that the framework is generally known for exploits.

The Strengths Of PHP:

  • Web developers believe that PHP is more secure than ASP.NET.  This notion is however a hotly-contested one. Like I said before, it all depends on how a programmer addresses security issues on the application being built.
  • There are thousands of developers worldwide who selflessly assist in the development and enhancement of PHP.
  • PHP is a cross-platform language.  I can run on Windows, Linux and many other operating systems (OS).
  • There are numerous online resources, like the official PHP website (, forums, code snippets and tutorials that help aspiring developers to freely learn the language.
  • It is an open source language, which means licensing is snappy.
  • It is free and easier to use. The Internet gave birth to the free stuff trend, which helps free products and services to attract a large following. And this has tremendously helped PHP to grow rapidly.

The Weaknesses Of PHP:

  • Several web developers complain that PHP is slower than ASP.NET.
  • Releasing new versions take a longer time than necessary.

PHP is older than .Net and different programmers hold different views. Viewing them objectively, their latest versions perform about the same tasks in web development. So, a better choice depends on your experience in them and the application you want to develop.