How To Increase The Approval Rate Of Your Directory Submissions

It’s not the number of link directories you submitted your link to that matters, but the rate of approval. In most cases, it’s not the quality of submitted website, but link submitters, that cause the disapproval of links. Some webmasters are so carried away with stuffing keywords in their submissions, rather than maximizing the chances of acceptance. As follows are some general guidelines on how to properly submit to web directories, in order to enhance the approval rate:

Manual submission: Many webmasters use automated bots/software to submit links to directories. That is wrong! Categories in most web directories are structured differently, and so, there’s no way you can program automated software to choose the best-fitting category for a link. For example, if your site’s theme is about games, and set a bot to submit to a category named “Games”, it will submit to any category that bears the word “Games”, regardless of if it’s in the shopping section, or entertainment, or computer category. If it submits to a shopping category and the editor can’t find any automation of online business transaction on your website, your link will be effectively rejected. So, it makes sense to always submit links to directories manually.

Follow the rules: Every quality web directory has laid-down link submission guidelines and rules. Make sure you read and understand the guidelines before submitting your link. Going against the rules decreases the chances of your submitted link being approved.

Title: Almost every quality, human-edited directory doesn’t accept keywords in the link title. Generally, they insist that a submitter uses the official name of his/her company, or organization, or institution, if the person has one. But if there’s no company behind your website, you can simply use the domain name as the title of the link. It’s always very tempting to use targeted keywords as a title, since that would be the anchor text for your link. But before you do that, find out via the submission guidelines and enlisted websites if that is acceptable. Regardless of if you use keywords or not in the title, a link from a quality directory carries a lot of weight in the “eyes” of search engines.

Description: A link description should be a well-written sentence or two meant for human beings to read and not for search engines. So, it should not be an enumeration of keywords, but well-written and contains no grammatical error. But that doesn’t mean you can’t include your keywords in the link description. The best way to do that is to effortlessly blend the keywords with the entire texts in a way not to disrupt the flow of the sentence.

Keywords: Some web directories have text fields that allow submitters to include their keywords. This is the area where you can enter some of the keywords your website targets.

If you follow the rules when submitting your link to web directories, it will surely increase the chances of your link being accepted in most of them.