Web Designers And Developers Are Best Suited To Be Web Hosting Resellers

Web hosting is one of the biggest businesses on the Internet, owing to the fact that every website needs to be hosted on a server. Due to the high cost of servers and maintenance, not everyone can afford to buy his/her own server. So, people look elsewhere for making their sites accessible on the web. This has made web hosting very profitable.


Web designers and script developers are often asked by their clients to suggest where to host their finished products, which can range from ordinary HTML-based websites to web-based applications. Many of these professionals seize the opportunity and offer those clients web hosting services, as a way to make extra cash on the side. They do not own servers of their own, but rent server spaces from web hosting companies, and resell to their clients. Apart from joining a web hosting reseller program, a designer can as well be a domain name reseller.


Being a web hosting reseller does not consume much of a web designer’s or developer’s time, since he/she does not do the actual hosting job. The hosting provider manages the server and provides technical support. The designer or developer is only responsible for passing almost all technical complaints received from clients to the provider, and upon receiving response, relays them back to the clients. There is need for a reseller to show professionalism and mastery to his/her clients, in order to win their trust and confidence. You have to prove to them that you’re an authority in the web hosting profession, through your eagerness and devotion to solve their problems.


The most beautiful part of it is that your clients won’t even know you’re just reselling someone else’s service.


How to make it work for you:

Even though you don’t have any hidden agenda, it is best that your clients see you as the main web hosting provider, because they look up to you for support in their times of need. Making your service very professional will not only help to keep existing customers, but attract new ones.


    • It is best you create another site dedicated to web hosting. And add all the features you’ll be offering in your hosting plans.
    • Your newly-created hosting site should have a knowledge-base where clients come to find solutions to their minor problems. This will save you the time and resources of having to answer the same set of questions every now and then.
    • Configure customized name servers that point to your domain name. Anyone who searches your site’s Whois record will presume the server belongs to you.
    • Your site’s contact page should have a phone number where clients can reach you anytime, 24 hours every day. If your clients cannot get in contact with you when they experience issues, it means your technical support is not good. So, always be there for them.
    • Install a live chat script on your site, so that clients and visitors can chat with you in real-time.

You have seen that every website designer and script developer needs to consider the profitable business of reselling web hosting packages to his/her clients and others in need. Even though web hosting is a competitive niche, it will never be over-saturated, owing to the fact that billions of designed web sites and web-based software need to be hosted. If you follow my guidelines well, you’ll become the best web hosting reseller on the Internet.