Facebook-recommended Top 3 Tips To Increase Your Page’s Traffic

Facebook Page Traffic

Just creating a professional Facebook Page for your business or organization doesn’t mean that everybody on the social network will see it. That means that there are things you need to be doing on a regular basis, in order to drive substantial, regular traffic to the page.

Facebook has recommended top 3 tips to increase your Page’s traffic. It is important to regularly let people know what’s going on in your company or institution. Whenever you add a new product to your existing product line, let your existing and prospective customers know about it. Whenever your company reaches a milestone, make a post about it. If you start to add more quality to your services than before, it will be interesting to “make noise” about it on Facebook.

The social media giant strongly recommends that you regularly publish a status update, photo or video. From my observation, posts that include images are given wider reaches than posts that are just text. So, whenever possible, add descriptive images to your posts. I prefer using original images, as they lend an air of uniqueness and authority. If you are not skilled in computer graphics, hire a graphic designer to be doing that for you. Create and post videos that tell people more about your products and/or services.

After making a post, it is time to share it with your audience.

Making posts on your Facebook business Page is a fine way to tell your customers and prospects what’s going on in your company. As follows are some Facebook-recommended tips that would help you to get the most out of your updates:

Share Meaningful Updates

Whether it is content that relates to what your company is doing or your field, keep in touch with your target audience with engaging posts. Facebook recommends that you use short, fun-to-read copy and eye-catching images to draw attention. To save time, you can even schedule your posts, and let them self-publish at a predefined day and time.

Get More Attention For A Special Post

After publishing your post, help it gain more attention by embedding it in your website or pinning it to your Facebook Page. When a post is pinned, it will remain at the top of your Page. So, that would make it the first thing visitors would see. Embedding a post simply means that it would also display on your website.
Promote news or special discounts.

Use Facebook posts to share memorable moments with your audience, and invite them to events. Also use posts to make special offers to your customers and prospective ones. Use descriptive videos, whenever possible.

Completely fill out the “About” section of your Page, if you haven’t done so. Update your cover and profile pictures.

Add a call-to-action button to your Page, to enable people take an action like make inquiries, or book an appointment, directly from your Page.

If you follow the above-mentioned social media optimization tips and perform them as recommended, your business will be getting lots of attention on Facebook. This will in turn result to more traffic to your website and that would surely result to more business for you.