Simple Steps To Create A Google+ Business Page

Do you know you can take the social media promotion of your business to a whole new level by using Google+ Pages? When you take into account that the Google+ social network has garnered close to 50 million active users, you’ll understand that the platform is capable of helping you to attain a wider reach of your target audience, just like Facebook and LinkedIn. Why not consider using it to reach out to those who have interest in the type of products/services your business offers?

As follows are very simple steps you need to follow to create a Google+ business page for your company:

  • To get started, visit, and just follow the Google+ wizard for page creation.
  • The first requirement is to sign in to your Google Account, or to create a new account, if you don’t have one. Once you’re through with logging in, you’ll be presented with the “Create a Google+ Page”.
  • Choose an appropriate option for your business. The available category options are Local Business or Place, Product or Brand, Company, Institution or Organization, Arts, Entertainment or Sports, and Other.
  • Add your basic information, including your desired page name, your website’s URL, your niche, and choose the age group your Google+ page content is appropriate for (like “Any Google+ user”, “18 years of age or older”, etc).
  • Agree to Google+ Pages’ terms and click on the “CREATE” button, to create your business profile on Google+ network.
  • Go ahead and customize your profile by adding things like your company logo, etc.
  • Disregard the prompt to start immediately to promote your page, since it’s still an empty page with no useful data for your target audience. You’ll agree with me that promoting a blank page to your target audience is wrong and gives a false impression of your business. So, the right course of action is to post some interesting updates with links to relevant content on your website.
  • Now is the time to start spreading the gospel about your Google+ page.

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to create a Google+ business page, and it’s in a way similar to creating a Facebook business page.