How Search Engine Rankings Affect Website Traffic

In order to increase traffic to your website and search engine rankings, these on-site optimization tips are worth applying to the site:

A top search engine ranking will surely increase the traffic of visitors to your website, whereas a very low search engine ranking will not generate much traffic, wasting all your search engine optimization efforts. To attract visitors’ attention, your site needs to consist of very valuable and rich/unique content. The axiom, “Content is the King!” is very correct in the SEO world, though in modern days kings are not sole rulers of their kingdoms. As a matter of fact, content is the soul of any website, as quality content is loved by every well-meaning visitor.

Besides great content, commercial sites should consist of products and/or services to present to visitors. If you can provide your visitors’ needs, your site will become very popular. However, to attract this desired traffic, your web pages must be well optimized, so that they rank very high on search engine result pages (SERPs).

It is important to note that keywords are still important tools that attract targeted traffic, though some people might argue that they’re no longer useful. The argument stems from the belief that Google algorithm places no importance to keywords anymore. Even if that is true, Google is not the only search engine around. Bing, among others still support keywords. From the viewpoint of popular search engines, the first one hundred words of every web page are the most important words. Under normal circumstances, these set of words indicate the theme of web pages. If  search engine spiders find relevant keywords placed in these first few words, they tend to give more weight to the remaining content. Primary and supplemental keywords you’re are targeting should be placed within these first few lines of words in your web page content. Moreover, it is a good practice to spread your keywords wisely or rather evenly throughout the entire document.

To gain more targeted traffic to your website, do a thorough research to determine which keywords are suitable for your web pages, and which are used largely by searchers to find related products and services. There are many online keyword tools out there which you can use freely. Make sure you use the right combination of keywords and key phrases to attract targeted visitors. Use your prominent keywords and key phrases in the Meta Title and META tags, Headers, Body of content, etc. Work towards getting the keyword density between two (2) to seven (7) per cent of the total content. It is generally believed that search engines normally consider higher keyword density as keyword spamming.

Ensure you make all your web pages and your entire site elegant and user-friendly. Smooth website navigation is as well seen as an important SEO technique. Check and remove any broken link – humans and search engines don’t like dead links. All web pages on your site should be complete and none should be under construction. Website visitors should be able to navigate hassle-free across related web pages through links placed appropriately. E.g, links should blend effortlessly inside the content at appropriate places, without obviously plugging them in. When you develop a sales hype of a product or service, a link should be placed inside or at the end of the paragraph, so it can take your site’s visitors to the product or service page. As a general rule, every web page within a site should have a link to the homepage. Links should contain relevant keywords as anchor texts and should not be something like “More details or “Click here”. There’s need for every web page on your website to be interesting and relevant to your website’s overall theme, while maintaining uniqueness at the same time. It has been observed that skillfully-crafted navigation links and content generally make visitors want to stay longer on websites.
Submit every web page you want to appear on SERPs to all major search engines. Moreover,  submit your website to top web directories in the appropriate categories, in order to attract targeted traffic. Attract a lot of relevant backlinks to your site from quality and relevant websites, link and article directories, forums and Dofollow blogs.  The websites where you get backlinks should rank high on SERPs, be popular and as well should have considerable amount of traffic. Point a good number of backlinks to your site’s  inner web pages the same way you build links to the homepage. This will make sure that your site will have a balanced growth in traffic and popularity.

If you’re in the business of selling services and/or products consider using PPC advertising, like Google Adwords. Adwords marketing campaign has the capability to send targeted traffic to your site, especially to the landing pages of your product and services. It’s my favorite method of getting traffic and recognition to my sites, products and services. Google Adwords campaign is an effective search engine optimization method that can generate desired results instantaneously, if used correctly.