Some Blogging Themes Are Better Than Others In Terms Of SEO

The almighty question in blogging is: Why are some WordPress themes far better than others? There are some themes that are designed to maximize advertising income and boost search engine rankings without touching a single code, while there are some themes that don’t have these features. There are some fine WP themes like the Ultimate Blogging Theme and FlamyTech WordPress Theme that take out the “coding” part with their vast “in-theme options” that enable users to switch sidebars, change widths and heights, fonts, colors, etc, from the admin control panel.

As follows are the features the best blogging themes must include:
Premium blog templates help bloggers to easily personalize their web pages without touching code.

  • Search engine-optimized design.
  • It includes all the important tags (Title tag, Heading tags such as H1 and H2, Meta Keywords and Meta Description).
  • Optimal advertising placement to maximize income.
  • Striking color combinations and design.
  • There’s no coding required for a user to customize the theme.
  • Free Lifetime Updates.

When I first created my WordPress blog, I spent several hours everyday searching for a premium theme that combined all the features needed to boost search engine rankings, but was disappointed. Then I developed a theme that included far more advanced features than I anticipated. After designing my ultimate blogging theme, I found out how easy it was to run a WordPress blog that fulfills my needs, without needing to mess with coding. Now my blog is making four (4) figures every single month for me and I couldn’t have been happier! It’s a great fun and hassle-free using this theme. I’m glad it doesn’t demand any code tweaking from the user, since some of my clients and friends who are using it are not comfortable with HTML, PHP, CSS and stuff.

To me it just made a lot of sense to try a WordPress theme designed by a dedicated team of professional web designers, so that you don’t screw up your blog. Anyway, go ahead and get an SEO-optimized blogging theme that delivers what it promises, which is to help you create a personalized search engine-optimized blog, without you touching the code. Even if you already know some basic things about WordPress, a quality WP theme contains more advanced features that a blogger will never need any other plugin to go along with it.