How To Help Your Facebook Ads Perform Optimally

Facebook Ad Optimization

Set a duration of at least seven days

Allowing your ad to run for at least seven days can help the ad complete the learning phase, which Facebook’s ad delivery system uses to understand what kind of people in your audience are more likely to be interested in your ad.

Get at least 50 results

Your ad finishes the learning phase when it gets at least 50 results, such as link clicks on a website promotion, or reactions, comments and shares on a boosted post. We explain more about the learning phase below.

Tip: Allow Facebook’s ad delivery system to keep improving your ad’s performance by continuing to run it after it receives 50 results.

Use what you’ve learnt when you run another ad.

Why does the learning phase matter?

Facebook’s delivery system uses the learning phase to learn what kind of people are interested in your ad, based on the people who engage with it. For example, imagine that you create a website promotion that links to a new product featured on your website.

By the time your website promotion gets at least 50 link clicks, Facebook’s ad delivery system should know the kind of people who are more likely to click your link. This helps your ad perform better and costs you less per link click.

Note: The results that count towards finishing the learning phase depend on the type of ad that you run. For example, a Page promotion needs 50 people to like your Page and a messages ad needs 50 Messenger conversations to be started.

Refrain from editing your ad during the learning phase

After you start running your ad, try not to make edits to it unless you absolutely need to. If you change any of the following, your ad will restart the learning phase:

  • Ad text
  • Image or video
  • Audience
  • Significant budget change
  • Website link