Yahoo Site Explorer Has Resumed To Show Backlink Count

The backlink count tool is one of the most useful features of Yahoo Site Explorer for webmasters. But for some reasons not known outside Yahoo and Bing, the link count drastically diminished for about a week now. And this got several webmasters worrying and complaining in forums.

This tool enables site owners to know how many external links that point to their sites’ web pages, check them out and see what people are writing about them. Many people, including myself, rely on Yahoo Site Explorer for backlink count. It has proven to be more reliable than Google and Bing backlink counts, because it provides near accurate numbers of linking URLs. Google and Bing just show a fraction of the total number of links, though they apparently have the backlinks counts stored in their databases.

A few days ago I personally searched on the web for information on why Yahoo abruptly diminished its backlink count, but only got a hint where its employee said that they were “working with Bing to make the tool usable again”. Then I surmised that the change might have something to do with the implementation of the search and advertising alliance signed by the two search giants. Maybe, during the interlude, Bing was feeding Yahoo backlink count tool. But then, Bing is not capable yet to be relied on. Its indexing capacity is still very small, when compared to Google and Yahoo. And BingBot is too slow in crawling sites, plus the fact that it doesn’t index deeper web pages properly. If BingBot cannot crawl sites deeper, then, it will be hard for it to find links located on the inner web pages.

I was very glad this morning when I switched on my PC, connected to the Internet and saw the Yahoo backlink count of my sites has come back to normal. I was able to see the new links that point to my sites’ web pages. Thanks to Yahoo for bringing this useful tool back!