Bing And Yahoo Test For Transition Of Their Search Alliance

One of the most significant things Bing and Yahoo! search and advertising platform teams have been working on over the past several months is the preparation and engineering for their search alliance.

Since Yahoo!’s intention to enter into a search and advertising alliance with Bing was announced almost a year ago, both search giants began a journey that will help them to build a scale search advertising marketplace and provide a real competitive alternative to Google for publishers, advertisers and consumers.

For some days now, both search companies have began some initial testings across their systems designed to verify their joint venture and make sure they’re ready to deliver the needed smooth transition for search and advertising customers. This testing will most likely be concluded in Canada and the US over the next couple of months. Both Yahoo and Bing have posted updates on this search and advertising milestone on their respective blogs.

Bing engineers are testing both its ability to provide high quality algorithmic results, as well as power search advertising both for itself and Yahoo!. Both companies are working closely together now, to ensure these aforesaid tests progress smoothly and a seamless transition.

Both Microsoft and Yahoo! have been communicating with their customers and training their sales and support teams, so as to prepare well for their new tasks during this transition. This includes Yahoo! employees getting themselves to think about migrating their ad campaigns to Microsoft’s adCenter.

For site owners and webmasters, it’s necessary to be accustomed to how the Bing crawler, MSNBot/Bingbot, interacts with their websites. When the full transition of search algorithm is complete, everyone will only need to optimize for one search spider, MSNBot/Bingbot, since Bing will then be powering Yahoo! search results from its (Bing’s) index.

During this testing period, it has been advised that webmasters observe how their websites are showing up in both Yahoo!’s and Bing’s search results, in order to assess if any tweak needs to be made. The transition team encourages sharing feedback with the them, so as to make sure every website is accurately represented in the new Bing’s search results.

Everyone is advised to review his/her site’s crawl policies in the robots.txt file and ensure that he/she has identical polices for both Yahoo’s bots and MSNbot/Bingbot. It is noteworthy that this testing process will not bring increase in Bing’s spider traffic.

As you now see, this testing period is to ascertain that the search and advertising alliance will go smoothly when it is finally implemented sometime next year. If any issue arises, this is the right time to fix it.