Building Backlinks The Smart Way For Better Ranking

Designing a very beautiful website is good, but its web pages will be sitting on the server unless they start attracting targeted visitors. Having a website is the first major step to online presence, but I know you really don’t want it to sit idly and not help you to take your business or other endeavor to the highest heights? Now how do you go about getting visitors to the site? The easiest way to achieve this goal is through strategic link building. This will help your site to rank well on SERPs for your targeted keywords.

Major search engines view incoming links as votes given to a site by other sites as a sign of their approval of its content. Quality backlinks give linked sites greater importance and authority over others in the “eyes” of search engines. Inbound links encourage search bots, such as GoogleBot, MSNBot/BingBot and Yahoo Slurp to crawl websites and successfully index their web pages. But link building is not as easy as many think. It is an art, a continuous process and needs to be done professionally in accordance with search engine guidelines for webmasters.

Quality and relevant link building enhances a site’s chances of ranking higher than others on search engine results pages (SERPs) for the keywords it is targeting. Every top ranking SEO doctor knows that using targeted keywords as anchor texts of their incoming links yield better results than using unrelated anchor texts. This is the main reason why you should always place your keywords where they matter most – anchor texts.

One-way Link Building Strategy: – Since major search engine algorithms rank websites that have quality and relevant links better than others on SERPs, it is wise to make sure that your site’s incoming links are far more than its outbound links. This is because outbound links cause the link juice a site gets from backlinks to leak. That’s why notable SEO experts strongly advice site owners and webmasters to only employ one-way link building strategy.

Reciprocal Link Building: – This is the process of exchanging links with other sites. Reciprocal link building is acceptable, if it is done with just a few other related sites whose content might interest your site’s visitors. But it is strictly against the laid down search engine guidelines to engage in unnatural link exchange schemes, with the sole intent to manipulate search engine algorithms.

Black Hat Link Building:- Not every strategy of building links is acceptable. There are automated bots or software that spam other people’s websites’ writable areas to plant backlinks for their owners. This technique is clearly against search engine rules. If a site’s backlink count suddenly grows much more than what it can naturally acquire over a period of time, it will be viewed by search engines as an attempt to manipulate their ranking algorithms. This can attract some penalties, if noticed. So, always keep it natural. If majority of a site’s incoming links are from unrelated forum signatures, irrelevant blog comments, as well as totally unrelated websites, the technique employed can be termed unorthodox. It is wrong to pay another site to link to yours or get links from link farms. Not only unnatural incoming links can hurt a website, but also when it links out to a bad neighborhood.

Your success at link building depends on adhering to these basic principles:

  • Relevance of the external web page’s content that links to your site – If your site is related to cosmetics, getting links from cosmetics websites will help your site’s ranking. But getting links from unrelated sources will not do much good to your site, unless the site where the link originates makes a strong case for your site’s content.
  • Authority of the web page where the link originates – Some websites that have very long histories on the web, powerful content, and have acquired millions of relevant backlinks over time are regarded as authorities in their endeavors. Search engines give more value for links that originate from these authoritative sources, because they’re trusted sites. If your site luckily gets a link from any of these authorities, that will help it to rank high on SERPs.

So, while building backlinks, be smart, put your keywords where they matter most, only employ white hat search engine optimization techniques and abide by search engine guidelines for webmasters. Following these principles will help the site you’re optimizing to rank very high on search results pages (SERPs).