Free Web Hosting May Not Be Necessarily Bad

There are two kinds of web hosting, one is free hosting and the other is paid web hosting. Some people just stay away from free hosting, because they think one can get nothing for free in this world, and there must be some kind of catch.

If you want web hosting for your commercial website, then you need reliable web hosting which is up all the time. The moment it goes down, you will be in loss, every minute of down-time is a loss in your revenue. Some free web hosting promises up-time, but if they don’t keep up with their promise, then you can’t blame them for your loss. But why is that? It is because every free hosting has terms which it asks you to read before joining them, it is mentioned in the terms that they can’t guarantee up-time all the time, since they offer free services. So if you are running your site for commercial purposes, then it is better not to go for free web hosting services.

For those who are just experimenting by building websites, free web hosting is the best option. It is good for those people because, there is no commitment and no loss for both sides. For a new comer who wants to learn about websites and web hosting, free hosting is the better way to start. Because there is no money involved here. These free web hosting services ask you to display their ads on hosted pages in return of their free services, or they may ask you to participate in their online communities. Since online communities help users to interact with each other, you will have the opportunity to learn something there.

So, free web hosting is not a bad thing when considered properly, as it depends on what purpose you are using it for. If it is purely for business, then don’t go for it. If not, then you can give it a try.