Looking For A Cheap Web Hosting Provider?

There are numerous websites that provide varieties of web hosting packages at affordable rates. But all these companies are not equal. Not all of them can pass for web hosts when tested. However, there are a few of them that stand out while offering very cheap web hosting services to businesses and individuals.

It makes no sense to throw away hard-earned money to purchase an expensive hosting package, when there are top-of-the-class providers of cheap web hosting services that are right for every individual need and budget. If you’re on a tight budget, but would like to own your own website, cheap web hosting is right for you. Even if you’ so rich, but worry about unnecessary expenditure, this hosting option is also right for you.


Factors To Consider Before You Buy A Cheap Web Hosting Service:

The following are important factors you need to consider before you make your choice of a web hosting service provider.


Features –  A host that installs anti-spam and anti-virus programs on its servers is a sign of good quality. This shows that the host cares dearly about the well-being, privacy and security of its customers. Before you sign up, ask the host about other features you might need.

Packaged Software – Every quality web host has widely-used free software bundled together and packaged into every hosting account. These free scripts are must have when you buy a cheap web hosting package. They include WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, phpBB3, Gallery, phpNuke, OsCommerce and ZenCart. Including these open source software in a hosting account makes installations of them easy and automatic within Plesk or cPanel.

Support – You need to make sure that the web hosting company you’re about to choose is always eager and ready to provide technical support in your time of need. The best way to learn about their support is through web hosting forums. Find out what people are saying about their support. Are they responsive, is it 24/7 support through telephone, live chat, help desk, and email? If others only have good things to say about their services, that’s a good reason why you should sign up with them. So, does your host provide fast, efficient and effective support when needed?

SEO-friendliness – Only purchase hosting account from a web host that offers clients the flexibility to create Mod_Rewrites. Check to make sure they will allow you to create a .htaccess file for your site. If customers can’t be given this privilege, as a server administrator, the host at the very least has to be ready to set up redirects for you when needed. A host being SEO-friendly helps to solve issues of canonicalization and those of dynamic URLs generated by server-side scripting languages.

Refund Policy – A recommendable cheap web hosting service provider should offer clients a risk-free service. Clients need to be guaranteed in writing that the money they pay would be refunded, if they’re not satisfied with the service, with no questions asked. Never sign up with a host that doesn’t guarantee refunding your money if you’re not satisfied.

Control Panel – A hosting control panel should have an easy to navigate interface. Even though there are other control panels around, I prefer a cheap web hosting provider based on Plesk. It is fast, easy to navigate and not as intimidating as cPanel. Plesk is an award winning web hosting control panel software that makes managing your hosting account very comfortable and hassle-free.

Server Up-time – A web host that frequently has downtime issues is not a good choice. Look for a web hosting service that guarantees 99.9% server up-time service. This will make sure your website will always be accessible.