Guidelines For Writing Winning Digital Press Releases

In my recent post “Lead Generation Techniques That Work Well For Businesses“, I pointed out how digital press releases can help your business to gain a wider exposure.

Apart from the traditional press release we’ve all known for ages, a new digital form has evolved out of necessity. The media industry trends are changing and we have to move with the tide, to avoid being left out. There is a great shift to how businesses, individuals and organizations publish press releases online. Digital press release is sweeping the media industry like a hurricane. So, how do you take advantage of this model of communication? What I said earlier in that lead generation post, “that you should publish a press release every time your business or organization has something new” holds true here as well.

In a recent Webinar, FlamyTech Web Developer pointed out that press releases are a form of a great content marketing strategy to build up free backlinks. It stated that if your business or organization has a service or product, such product or service actually needs a notable mention online, in the print media and on the radio through press release. Writing unique attention-grabbing releases will enable you to take your organization or business to the next level. There is a learning curve to writing a digital press release which inspires people to want to know you and your business more.

Gone are the days when people relied heavily on traditional media in order to make press releases. People are no longer distributing their releases only through traditional news agencies. The advent of the Internet makes it possible to take PR to the digital news media. These days the releases that effect a change are well optimized for search engine news bots, such as MSNBot-media, Yahoo News and Google News.

I will enlighten you on how to write a press release that really makes a difference. Here are guidelines for content which you should always include in your electronic press releases to media. My example here is for someone selling a PHP software application:

  1. For your release to be a winner, make sure it is social media-rich and may contain video, images and audio.
  2. Give out some evaluation units of the script to well-meaning reviewers.
  3. The script must be readily available for immediate download on your site.
  4. Provide a list of the key features.
  5. Include the script’s operating system platform requirements, database environment, etc.
  6. Do not send pictures as attachments with your press releases. Instead upload the images to a directory on your site and link to them. The pictures you choose should demonstrate good visual effects of the script, in order to enhance good reviews as desired.
  7. List the company’s contact person and the physical address where the business is based.

For optimal results, I suggest you hire a PR specialist and/or SEO consultant who offers clients several release options, including SEO press releases and free press release distribution. These specialists know the technicalities regarding how to make sure your PR will be accepted and displayed in Google News, Yahoo News, Bing News and other news sources.