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I'm an Web developer at FlamyTech Web Developer and have devoted several years religiously studying search engines, web crawling and indexing of web pages. I use SEO Treats to enlighten website owners and aspiring webmasters on search-optimized web design, off-page SEO, search engines, the SEO implications of web hosting, social media optimization and much more.

Guidelines For Writing Winning Digital Press Releases

In my recent post “Lead Generation Techniques That Work Well For Businesses“, I pointed out how digital press releases can help your business to gain a wider exposure. Apart from the traditional press release we’ve all known for ages, a new digital form has evolved out of necessity. The media industry trends are changing and […]

Looking For A Cheap Web Hosting Provider?

There are numerous websites that provide varieties of web hosting packages at affordable rates. But all these companies are not equal. Not all of them can pass for web hosts when tested. However, there are a few of them that stand out while offering very cheap web hosting services to businesses and individuals. It makes […]

Free Web Hosting May Not Be Necessarily Bad

There are two kinds of web hosting, one is free hosting and the other is paid web hosting. Some people just stay away from free hosting, because they think one can get nothing for free in this world, and there must be some kind of catch. If you want web hosting for your commercial website, […]

Lead Generation Techniques That Work Well For Businesses

Every business, whether it’s small or big needs to generate enough leads to grow profitably. But it’s not that very easy to create prospective consumer inquiry or interest in one’s products or services. Signing up for an advertising offer needs to be handled shrewdly, because it’s difficult for someone to give away his/her contact information […]

Building Backlinks The Smart Way For Better Ranking

Designing a very beautiful website is good, but its web pages will be sitting on the server unless they start attracting targeted visitors. Having a website is the first major step to online presence, but I know you really don’t want it to sit idly and not help you to take your business or other […]

Bing And Yahoo Test For Transition Of Their Search Alliance

One of the most significant things Bing and Yahoo! search and advertising platform teams have been working on over the past several months is the preparation and engineering for their search alliance. Since Yahoo!’s intention to enter into a search and advertising alliance with Bing was announced almost a year ago, both search giants began […]

How To Submit Articles And Links Properly To Directories

It is a known fact that well-trusted article and web directories play a big role in link building. Have you ever wondered how to submit your site’s URLs to a top web directory or a niche business directory in a way to make sure your links are approved? Even some individuals who work in the […]

The Role Web Hosting Plays In Canonicalization Issues

Web Hosting plays a very important role in search engine optimization, which many seem to be ignorant of or neglect when choosing web hosting providers. Here we’ll discuss the role web hosting plays in canonicalization issues and how to save you from the hazards. Sometimes search engines run into some duplicate content challenges when their […]