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Search Engines category takes a closer look at how notable search engines crawl and index URLs. This includes what they look for in their search for information on the World Wide Web.

How You Can Get Search Engines To Index Your Website Faster

Several site owners have asked me on numerous occasions the things they need to do to get search engines to index their web pages in a timely manner. Having been optimizing websites for more than a decade now, I know than a webmaster cannot force search engines to index a given page within a short […]

How To Optimize Your Nigerian Website For Search Engines

When it comes to optimizing a website that targets a particular locale like Lagos, Nigeria, it is vital to fully grasp how search engine ranking algorithms are programmed to work and the online trends of your target audience. A result-oriented approach is required to perform SEO for a local audience. General SEO alone might not […]

The SEO Implications of Google Unwanted Software Policy

A few days ago, I used Firefox to search on Google, to get more information on CyberKlock, a café timer someone told me that would enable me to share my Internet connectivity with some people and allow me to control their bandwidth usage. As I expected, was the first listing on search results. But […]

My Website Ranks High On Google SERPs But No Traffic

Yes, we all know that it’s very frustrating to pour time, energy and even money on optimizing a targeted keyword and finally ranking among the top 10 on Google SERPs, just to notice that it doesn’t drive the much desired traffic to the person’s site. If you find yourself in that situation, you may be […]