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Search Engines category takes a closer look at how notable search engines crawl and index URLs. This includes what they look for in their search for information on the World Wide Web.

My Website Ranks High On Google SERPs But No Traffic

Yes, we all know that it’s very frustrating to pour time, energy and even money on optimizing a targeted keyword and finally ranking among the top 10 on Google SERPs, just to notice that it doesn’t drive the much desired traffic to the person’s site. If you find yourself in that situation, you may be […]

Putting The Term “Guaranteed Top SERP Ranking” Under The Microscope

I frequently come across SEO service providers who specifically offer “guaranteed top ranking on Google SERPs” to their clients. This sort of guarantee gets a thinking mind to wonder if it’s possible for a non-Google employee to reverse-engineer its search ranking algorithm, in order to bring a lowly-ranked web page to the top. The truth […]

Ways to drive sustainable, free traffic to your website

Simply uploading a newly-designed website to your server doesn’t guarantee traffic from your target audience. The main purpose of creating a website is not only to get your immediate friends to view it, but also to reach a wider audience. But you won’t get much traffic without promoting the site. You need to tell Internet […]