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Social Media Optimization (SMO) category contains articles relating to social media sites and their usage to promote websites. It also addresses the interrelationship between social networking sites and search engine optimization (SEO).

Facebook Analytics To Be Retired In June

Social media giant, Facebook has announced that its Analytics tool will no longer be available after June 30th, 2021. Until then, users will still be able to access reports, export charts and tables, and explore insights. To export data into a CSV file from Facebook Analytics on your desktop, click the arrow in the top-right […]

How To Help Your Facebook Ads Perform Optimally

Set a duration of at least seven days Allowing your ad to run for at least seven days can help the ad complete the learning phase, which Facebook’s ad delivery system uses to understand what kind of people in your audience are more likely to be interested in your ad. Get at least 50 results […]

How To Change Facebook Ad Account Currency

If you want to change your Facebook Ad Account Currency to Naira or any other currency, this is what you need to do. Ordinarily, having your Facebook Ad account in US Dollars is not bad. However, since the USD-Naira rate has continued to plummet in the last one year, it became more and more difficult […]

How To Use Facebook To Drive Traffic To Your Business Website

We all know that Facebook is the most popular online social networking service in the world. According to, the network logged over 1.55 billion monthly active users in the third quarter of 2015. According to Reuters (, the statistics published by Facebook in September, 2015, Nigeria had about 15 million monthly active users of […]

How To Use Custom Image For Tweet Button

Adding Twitter’s Tweet button to websites is trending, as more Internet users recognize the impact of social media on our everyday lives. But then the default Tweet button might not blend well with the over-all website design. Maybe, the button’s color doesn’t match the color scheme of the website, and adding it would be a […]

Simple Steps To Create A Google+ Business Page

Do you know you can take the social media promotion of your business to a whole new level by using Google+ Pages? When you take into account that the Google+ social network has garnered close to 50 million active users, you’ll understand that the platform is capable of helping you to attain a wider reach […]