Privacy Policy

SEO Treats Privacy Statement

SEO Treats is a reputable search engine optimization blog that takes the private data of its visitors and loyalists seriously. We do not sell, rent or mishandle the information you entrust in our hands. Your privacy means a lot to us and we do our very best to protect it as a treasure.

We do not engage in any form of sending unsolicited e-mail messages to anyone, as we consider it an invasion of privacy. And we do not engage in fraudulent activities. As a matter-of-fact, SEO Treats doesn’t engage in sending newsletters to anyone. All the personal information sent to us are securely kept, with restricted access to only the administrator and webmaster.

This privacy policy is binding and guides any of our privileged employees who have access to your private data. The small number of our employees who have such access swear an oath of office prior to granting them that elevation.