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How To Optimize Your Nigerian Website For Search Engines

When it comes to optimizing a website that targets a particular locale like Lagos, Nigeria, it is vital to fully grasp how search engine ranking algorithms are programmed to work and the online trends of your target audience. A result-oriented approach is required to perform SEO for a local audience. General SEO alone might not […]

The SEO Fundamentals Every Site Owner Needs To Know

The on-page and off-page optimization efforts that one makes that help to improve the visibility of a website or web page in organic search results is known as search engine optimization (SEO). The on-page side of SEO is usually performed at the time of web design and regularly adjusted afterwards. Off-page SEO is performed externally, […]

Become An Authority In The “Eyes” Of Search Engines

Authorities matter in every field of life’s endeavor. Search engines view authoritative sites the same way humans view and respect them. The factors that determine these authorities are uniqueness of their content and high number of quality inbound links. However, unique content alone cannot earn a site an authoritative status in the “eyes” of search […]

Guidelines For Writing Winning Digital Press Releases

In my recent post “Lead Generation Techniques That Work Well For Businesses“, I pointed out how digital press releases can help your business to gain a wider exposure. Apart from the traditional press release we’ve all known for ages, a new digital form has evolved out of necessity. The media industry trends are changing and […]

Building Backlinks The Smart Way For Better Ranking

Designing a very beautiful website is good, but its web pages will be sitting on the server unless they start attracting targeted visitors. Having a website is the first major step to online presence, but I know you really don’t want it to sit idly and not help you to take your business or other […]

How Many Backlinks Are Too Much?

These days many webmasters ask how many backlinks are considered too much by major search engines. Many also want to know how fast link building can be to be considered too fast. Both questions would never have been asked in the seventies, when there wasn’t anything like too much or too fast. But time has […]