The SEO Fundamentals Every Site Owner Needs To Know

The on-page and off-page optimization efforts that one makes that help to improve the visibility of a website or web page in organic search results is known as search engine optimization (SEO). The on-page side of SEO is usually performed at the time of web design and regularly adjusted afterwards. Off-page SEO is performed externally, […]

How To Use Facebook To Drive Traffic To Your Business Website

We all know that Facebook is the most popular online social networking service in the world. According to, the network logged over 1.55 billion monthly active users in the third quarter of 2015. According to Reuters (, the statistics published by Facebook in September, 2015, Nigeria had about 15 million monthly active users of […]

Common Mistakes Every Business Website Should Avoid

There is need for each business, regardless of if it is owned by a big corporation or an individual, to exude authority and professionalism on its website. The content and its presentation need to be appealing and enticing in a way that makes prospective customers want to buy something from the company. And the design […]

My Website Ranks High On Google SERPs But No Traffic

Yes, we all know that it’s very frustrating to pour time, energy and even money on optimizing a targeted keyword and finally ranking among the top 10 on Google SERPs, just to notice that it doesn’t drive the much desired traffic to the person’s site. If you find yourself in that situation, you may be […]

Important Tips on URL Optimization You Need to Know

URL optimization is a branch of search engine optimization (SEO) that concentrates on limiting domain name length, limiting the length of URL, limiting file/folder naming, and employing keyword-based naming convention. It is the art of creating purely, static, user-friendly and clean URLs that are structured without the inclusion of dynamic query strings. URL optimization strives […]