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              Connors to coach Kyrgios
              ? TIME:2016-10-26 02:26:04 ??SOURCE:LONG JIN MACHINERY CO.,LTD.
              AMERICAN great Jimmy Connors has put his hand up for one of the toughest coaching assignments in the world by offering to mentor Australia’s wayward talent Nick Kyrgios.
              The 64-year-old Connors, a famous firebrand through a long career boasting eight grand slam titles, fittingly made his approach on Twitter, a medium favored highly by the moody 21-year-old, recently banned from the tour for two months.
              “Kyrgios — you want to be the best — come see me — you will learn to play, excite, and to win!! It’s you choice — or just be mediocre! gd luck,” Connors tweeted.
              Connors previously served a 19-month stint as coach for compatriot Andy Roddick from 2006 to 2008, guiding the grand slam winner to a US Open final and five ATP titles.
              However, his last high-profile coaching gig, with Maria Sharapova in 2013, was over as soon as it began, the Russian former world No. 1 firing him after a single match.
              Kyrgios and Connors might seem a perfect match in some ways, with both having won applause for their tennis and showmanship, and drawn condemnation for their boorish behavior on and off the court.
              The Australian will skip next year’s Rotterdam Open to play an NBA basketball event, organizers said, again questioning whether he was “100 percent motivated.” Kyrgios, 21, was due to appear at the ATP 500 Rotterdam in February.