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               Long Jin, formerly known as Wuxi Peng Cheng Pneumatic Valve Companywhich was founded in 2003. It's an old famous valve manufacturer located inthe mature and famous pneumatic and hydraulic industrial belt---Wuxi, China.I n 2008,renamed to Changzhou Long Jin Machinery Co.,Ltd.With thecore value" Innovation that matters and dedication to every client's success",Long Jin now is a rising famous pneumatic conveying valve and equipmentsupplier, with a registered capital of 21 million RMB,factory area more than6,600 squares,and more than 60 employees

                  With senior technical staffs including graduaates from top universities of China, advanced production and testing equipment, Long Jin is committed to developing and manufacturing equipments of pneumatic conveying system, specializing in various wear-resistant tungsten steel, and ceramic valves. Lon Jin not only passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) certification, but strictly adheres to the flow andguide of QMS. Important flows are predefined as rules in ERP system to ensure manufacturingquality. Inspecting flow and check points are well organized and strictly followed.
                  Long Jin's pneumatic wear-resistant valves have been widely used in power plants, metallurgical, papermaking, pharmaceutical and other industries where pneumatic conveying system is applicable. Both quality and after-sale service have been highly praised. Long Jin promises to respond to client's request within 1 hour and arrive at the scene within 24 hours within the province or nearby, arrived at the scene within 48 hours elsewhere to handle client’s cases or issues.
                  In addition to good reputation in domestic market, the quality of Long Jin in the international market is also getting more and more recognized. Recently, export business in Southeast Asian countries has made tremendous growth and showing good momentum. These achievements are inseparable from Long Jin's philosophy--“strive for first-class quality and service".
                  Long Jin aims to be the superior一first pneumatic conveying valve and equipment manufacturer via our profession and continuous innovation.