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              The Function and Future Development of Ceramic Gate Valve
              ? TIME:2016-10-26 02:24:44 ??SOURCE:LONG JIN MACHINERY CO.,LTD.
              Although the metal valve through the structure and material improvements, but limited by the properties of metal materials, can not meet the increasingly high wear and tear, strong corrosion resistance of the metal valve, the use of metal valves, metal valves have been used for hundreds of years of history, And other adverse conditions of demand, mainly in the short life, a serious impact on the system greatly affected the stability of the operation. Traditional metal valves are in urgent need of complete innovation in materials, design and manufacturing processes. The application of ceramic materials to industrial valves is a bold and rewarding innovation. Ceramic material deformation is very small, much higher than the metal bonding strength, under normal circumstances the composition of the ceramic material of the crystal ion radius is small, and the ion price is high, the coordination number, these properties determine the tensile strength of ceramic materials, Compressive strength, elastic modulus, hardness, etc. are very high. Therefore, ceramic gate valve came into being. However, due to the toughening technology of martensitic transformation and the development and progress of the concept of nanoceramic ceramics, the ceramic 's "brittle" and difficult processing have limited its application range. In recent decades, Brittleness "has been greatly improved, its toughness and strength has been greatly improved, expanding the scope of application.