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              Ceramic discharge valve cleaning application
              ? TIME:2016-10-26 02:23:44 ??SOURCE:LONG JIN MACHINERY CO.,LTD.
              Ceramic discharge valve is mainly applied to the dry ash system gas and slag of the power plant. It is also suitable for the opening and closing of materials such as mining, papermaking and petrochemical. It has the advantages of wear, corrosion, dust, water, oil, On the opening and closing purposes. PG double-lock air-tight ceramic valve with sealing performance, high temperature, wear resistance, easy start, no card ash and fouling phenomenon, long life and other characteristics.
               Ceramic discharge valve installation instructions:
                   In order to extend the service life and improve the work efficiency, ceramic discharge valve installed in the valve as far as possible upright installation. In conditions not allowed to 45 degrees installed. Such as flip-top or horizontal installation of the circumstances, we must extend the delivery time to avoid the valve body ash. The valve back to the fast signal using imported magnetic switch two-wire system, through the load of the Xunxian line can be adapted to DC, AC can be.
                   Installation, use the main points
                   1, the installation should be carefully read this note, and check the valve type, diameter and technical parameters.
                   2, is strictly prohibited after the installation of welding flange welding, so as not to damage the valve seal. Pipeline from the first set aside from the valve installation distance should be appropriate, both sides of the flange plus gasket.
                   3, two pipe center and the valve diameter center should be kept coaxial, flange surface should be flat, does not allow the flange surface has a larger deflection to ensure that the valve clamping and normal work. Tighten the bolts should be uniform symmetry.
               Equipment, long-term operation or due to improper operation, some equipment will affect the normal operation of aggregates, this time to stop working for cleaning. For the cleaning of the aggregate in the drying tower, the door should be opened, the bottom of the funnel-shaped aggregate is removed with a long broom, the ceramic discharge valve is opened and the tower is washed with tap water. The cyclone separator dust removal, the same need to open the cyclone, with a broom to clean aggregate, if necessary, also need water rinse. For the bag filter cleaning, should open the control switch, continuous tapping, and then open the cleaning door, beat bag filter, and finally replace the filter bag. For the slurry pipeline system clean-up, should open the two-way filter sewage valve, cleaning filter filters and pipelines, and then open the material pump to the water substitutes, cleaning pump tube, regulator package and pipeline. After a period of time (usually 600h or so) of the operation, need to spray granulation dryer for the necessary inspection and maintenance. For the feed system, should check the filter, pipe, valves, nozzles, etc., to see whether the blockage, regular cleaning, check the nozzle wear in order to timely replacement. Should check whether the oil pump leakage, pressure is normal, the oil level is normal and so on. For the fan, should check whether the shaft and bearing oil heating, with or without vibration, noise, etc., if necessary, cleaning the fan blades and do balance check. For the heater, should check whether the normal heat pipe, if necessary, cleaning tubing, oil pump, grease nozzle three of the filter. In addition, the motor should also pay attention to whether the heat, vibration, different sound, etc., control cabinet instrument and electrical work is normal and so on. In addition, the device is running around 2 400h (usually while the shutdown period), the need for maintenance personnel to the local disintegration of equipment and maintenance.